Module 1 – Your Market Share


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Before prospecting, whether you are selling, generating leads or making an appointment, you must learn to understand your market-share. Understanding your market will help you to know if whom you’re calling are the 10% who say “yes” the 10% that say “no” or the 80% who are what is called the “maybes”.  You must be prepared to have a careful thought out presentation in order to identify your market share and convert a higher percentage of your prospects into customers. This course will teach you to identify your market-share with techniques that help you overcome early resistance, strengthen commitments and spend quality time with prospects you have greater opportunities to sell.

Prospecting is like farming; you prepare the ground, plant the seed, water it and then eventually in time you will harvest the fruit of your labor. Therefore, it’s important to understand that not all prospects are ready to listen to your offer at the time of your call. In this course you will also learn how to identify these prospects and utilize techniques that keep the door open for future opportunities that will improve your overall confidence when making outbound calls.

 Anyone that uses the telephone as a marketing tool. If you are selling, generating leads or appointment setting this course is for you.