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40+ years helping call centers globally improve their skills. We have the expertise when it comes to Customer Service, Telemarketing, and Sales Training. For our offshore and near shore centers we have included our Accent Reduction Training helping agents Americanize their accent so they are easily understood.

Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc. (KSE) is the parent company of Kathy Sisk Learning specializing in a wide range of services such as, consulting, recruiting, assessments, center setup and reengineering, seminars, workshops, virtual training, script development, client outsourcing and project management services.

KSE’s call center solutions and customized training programs directly benefit our clients through increased productivity and improved call center efficiency.

KSE’s outsourcing and project management services provide top talent globally, capable of handling inbound and outbound campaigns more cost effectively with optimum results.

Kathy Sisk, founder and CEO, has designed platforms that remove the guesswork from training and scripting by developing proven concepts using her unique “12 Step” scripting and training platforms necessary to handle Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing, Customer Service, and Sales activities.

Companies such as, Citi Corp, IBM, Memorex, 3M, Save The Children, New York Life, Prudential, Century 21 International, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are just a few out of thousands of companies who have greatly benefited by Kathy Sisk’s training platforms.



Kathy’s training is unique but moreover they are designed to get results! Each course is carefully thought out to ensure the learner understands what is being taught and how to best implement what they’ve learned into their live call handling.

Many companies have spent thousands of dollars on training but much of what is available is a mix of training from many sources. Whether an agent is conducting inbound or outbound calls, Kathy has created each step designed to take an agent to the next step when handling calls. Agents will know what to say when to say and why. This teaching methodology has been proven successful for every campaign presented to Kathy to train on and customize scripts.

Companies from just about every industry have benefited from Kathy’s training.  Most companies have paid thousands of dollars daily just to have Kathy train their staff.  However, with her eLearning platform you now can benefit from her training but at a more affordable cost.

We plan to expand our eLearning platform to provide best in class training in other areas of importance such as:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Account Acquisition
  • Script Development
  • Train the Trainer
  • Setting Up A World Class Call Center
  • Assessing Your Operations To Achieve Optimum Results

Our long-term plan is to reach out to quality trainers that can contribute their expertise and include their excellent curriculum to our platform.



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    “If it's about training, KSE has always kept a strong sense of professionalism. Its entire Team, from the Project Manager to Kathy Sisk herself, gets involved just to make sure that our people learn the essentials of bringing our campaigns to success.” Morpheus Global Communications Co. Jhay Domingo, Client Acquisition Specialist Morpheus Global Communications Co.

    • Jhay Domingo
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    ”There are no words to describe about Kathy….what I am today is because of training and hard work she put in me to become what I am. Kathy is the best Call Center Trainer in the world. We all love her.” Vinayak Seshadri, Global Head of Business Development and Communication at Tafaoul Arabian Trading Company, Kuwait / India  

    • Vinayak Seshadri
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    ”Kathy is one of the true veterans of the call center industry. From the early stages of outsourcing as we know it today, Kathy has been a major force in training, contact center development and outsourcing innovations. She has a great knowledge base both in domestic and international contact centers. I've known and worked with Kathy for many years and she's professional, ethical, driven and solutions oriented. Kathy has been a client, a vendor and a very good outsourcing business partner. I give her a very high recommendation!”  Nick Jiwa, Founder, CustomerServ

    • Nick Jiwa
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    ”Kathy Sisk is a quick, clever and very bright businesswoman and call center expert. Her expertise, sophistication and meritorious writing abilities give her an edge over anyone in the call center industry with the ability to transcend any and all expectations. Kathy has helped our business prosper and she delivers the results we strive for. We've utilized her professional talent in training, outsourcing, recruiting and assessing call centers and her book "12 Steps To Telemarketing" has been key to generating new ideas and concepts for our outsourcing and sales department. Kathy's expertise has stimulated essential changes that have heightened production and I would recommend Kathy Sisk and her training and outsourcing to anybody seeking the many services she has to offer.” Bryan Garcia, Director of Sales at Shooger

    • Bryan Garcia
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    ”If you need an experienced call center professional to help improve your customer service operation or sales effectiveness, I recommend you call Kathy Sisk Enterprises. Kathy has been in this industry for close to 40 years and has spoken often for the industry and has successfully worked with hundreds of companies to improve their quality and performance. She is a published author with books on how to set up and manage a successful call center and training inbound and outbound agents. Kathy can help with your most difficult service and sales challenges.” Mark Schmidt, Outsourced contact center services expert

    • Mark Schmidt
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    ”Kathy is great person to work with, as she is honest, dedicated and focused. We have worked with her on few programs and never had a problem as she helped us reaching our clients expectation with her expert training advise.” Nishant Rampal, Energy Market Analyst and Trader at Commodity Trading

    • Nishant Rampal
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    “Kathy's track record speaks for itself. She is a call center professional. She has been in the business for more than three decades since we utilized her and she is very good at what she does.” Meryl Abrenica-Lemke, Program Coordinator at Visa

    • Meryl Abrenica
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    ”Kathy was hired at Adityaa Call Center to provide Outbound Telemarketing Training for the new hires. She has written her own books on telemarketing and I must say that the information given are quite practical and implementable and they really work! Her training delivery was awesome and we are able to improve our production targets after this training.  Definitely a training worth the money!” Rinnku G, Principal Consultant-HR Advisory at DDG - Daya Dimensi Global

    • Rinnku G
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    “I have done a number of outbound programs with Kathy Sisk Enterprises all with the requisite training programs specifically designed for each.  Training is comprehensive, interactive, and covers all the bases thoroughly. Kathy’s training prepares agents to perform on day one…it works and works well….” Steve Forand,  President, Trans America Marketing LLC

    • Steve Forand
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    “I have worked with Kathy Sisk on many advanced training session and evaluations for our call centers in the U.S. and the Philippines for over 10 years. Her training has had a tremendous positive impact on our call centers. She has helped us increase production, profits, and efficiencies. She has also help improve our agents and managers skills with her advanced training. In my 20 years of call center experience, I have never met any consultant that has the abilities that she and her team have. I would highly recommend her services and her elearning website to anyone who wants to increase their production, net profit, and their call center efficiencies.”   Robert W Peterson, Call Center Consultant.

    • Robert W Peterson
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    “I can say millions of things about your training because I have seen the reality in my career. Honestly, I really appreciate your thought process. In my opinion all the organizations should go through your training. It is really helpful…it has changed my life. I am indebted to you forever.”

    • Basant Kumar
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    “Kathy is the “go-to” expert when it comes to the art of outbound sales. Her outbound telephone sales techniques empower agents to improve their effectiveness and sell more, enabling them to maximize their job satisfaction and income potential. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the call center industry’s perennial outbound sales authorities.” Peter DeHaan, publisher of Connections Magazine

    • Peter DeHaan
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    “The training that Kathy Sisk Enterprises provides is of high standard. Kathy’s training concepts have helped us identify what success looks like when handling prospects and customers. We have tailored all of our metrics defining successful prospecting and selling around what we have learned. Kathy’s courses have helped us establish a standard by which our skills are trained, coached and measured.”
 Patrick MelecioPresident

 Infinity Contact Solutions & Services, Inc.

    • Patrick Melecio
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    "The Modules are great! You'll see a big difference between your agents before and your agents after studying the modules. I can't recommend Kathy Sisk Learning highly enough!"

    • Christian Dann Quiroz
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    “If it's about training, KSE has always kept a strong sense of professionalism. Its entire Team, from the Project Manager to Kathy Sisk herself, gets involved just to make sure that our people learn the essentials of bringing our campaigns to success.” Morpheus Global Communications Co. Jhay Domingo, Client Acquisition Specialist Morpheus Global Communications Co.

    • Jhay Domingo