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Kathy Sisk Kathy Sisk is the founder and CEO of Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc., located in Clovis, California with a satellite office in the Philippines. Kathy is a world-renowned International trainer and consultant; she has contributed nearly 40+ years of her expertise to the Call Center and Customer Service Industry

 Kathy is a published author of many manuals and books for her industry, and is well known for her 12 Step Platforms for inbound and outbound call handling. She is a frequent speaker at top industry events and also contributes articles for many industry related magazines. Kathy is considered a “master strategist” in the Call Center industry. She is both motivational and inspirational when she speaks and offers a wide range of information to all who have the pleasure of attending one of her seminars.

Kathy is not only an entrepreneur in the business sense, but is also the founder of a non-profit organization called Restoration Life Foundation, where her vision is to help women and girls who have suffered from sexual abuse by offering counseling, food, clothing, a safe-haven, job placement, and education. All proceeds from Kathy’s book (under her personal author’s name Kathleen Frank), “I’m Fat and Nobody Cares”, is donated to Restoration Life Foundation. Kathy’s book discusses her sexual abuses that began with her father and how weight gain, self doubt and lack of trust correlates with abuse. Kathy book shines a light helping women and girls who have been violated how they can be Overcomers instead of just survivors. I’m Fat and Nobody Cares is a book that offers hope and promise.

Kathy is the definition of a true Entrepreneur and self-starter; she is ambitious, driven, a visionary, fearless and most of all Kathy is compassionate about people and her work.


Kathy has developed her own curriculum for Inbound and Outbound call handling.  Kathy uses a unique 12 Step Platform designed to help agents get through a call with ease and confidence that achieves optimum results. Kathy’s published manuals and books are sold worldwide and used by many fortune 100 to 1000 companies globally.

Since the mid 70’s, Kathy has spent most of her time helping call centers to set up their operations, recruit the right people and to train call center agents and managers in proper call handling skills, management practices, accent reduction and American culture.  This dedication has made Kathy a household name in the industry and has increased her clients ROI.

One of Kathy’s business objectives is to continue to provide the most advanced training programs and call center solutions globally.  Her long-term goal is to contribute her successes into markets where access to her knowledge and expertise is not as accessible.  That is why Kathy was delighted to develop her e-learning training platform where students from any country will have superior training at a cost they can afford.