Module 1 – 12 Steps To Successful Customer Service Training (Steps 1-5)


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Course Description

This training focuses on helping the rookie and the veteran CSR by giving them a complete step-by-step training that takes the guesswork out of your customer-servicing departments.

It is specifically designed for today’s market for which consumers are demanding major improvements in how companies’ approach and handle their customers.

With poor quality servicing prevalent in today’s market, it is vital to develop techniques that will distinguish you from competing industries to service customers with excellence!

The 12 Steps for the CSR uses a unique service approach that can be customized and individualized to your servicing efforts.

The approach is not the typical frontal assault employed by many CSRs, who are pressured in handling volumes of calls every minute, 6 to 8 hours a day.

Steps 1-5 of the 12 Step method presented in this training allows you to immediately attempt to establish rapport and be personable but not personal. CSRS will project a more professional image while offering that extra customer service!

Each Step will guide you through the process of a call so you will know how to determine which are the calls where one can simply take the order or how to identify those callers that need more selling or handle callers that need their anger defused.

If you want to improve your customer servicing skills, have greater control with the direction of the conversation that achieves a more positive encounter with your customer then this course is for you.