Module 3 – Overcoming Your Prospects 3 Fears


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Learn to understand you’re the 3 fears of your prospects when prospecting so that your presentation will be more positive and productive.

Outbound calling has been around for decades; this high-tech – rapidly growing industry will be around for many decades to come! The good news is, those who have made a career out of it will be around for a while. The bad news is, consumers and businesses alike will be hearing more presentations over the telephone. Many presentations conducted will project a negative image in the prospects mind primarily due to poor agent delivery. Today more than ever it is vital to develop techniques that distinguish an agent not only from other competing agents within their industry, but also from others aggressively vying for a prospect’s time and money.

The objective is to help the learner with tools that engage their prospects, to remain in control of their presentation and spend quality time presenting their offer.